"Boris Novofastovsky has been tuning the pianos in my home for many years. As a concert pianist I have to be very demanding that the instruments be extremely well tuned, and that the piano's action is regulated evenly and is reliable. Boris is absolutely first class - one of the best I have ever encountered in my many years of concert giving. I often wish I could take him with me on tour so that the pianos I play in concert are as well prepared as the marvelous work he does on my pianos at home. Beyond being a virtuoso tuner he also is a warm, wonderful human being. I recommend him highly, and without reservation"

-Jeffrey Siegel

I own a number of pianos and throughout the years I have had the privilege of knowing some very fine piano technicians. For the past several years my pianos have been serviced by Boris Novofastovsky, and I am constantly amazed on the stability of his tunings. Boris’s tunings really hold longer than anyone before him and his total knowledge and expertise with his craft is a joy to witness. Boris tuned the piano for my last recording session and every note was perfectly in tune and had a wonderful singing tone.

-Bob Rodriguez
Jazz Pianist & Co-Director of Garden State Academy of Music

Boris has been tuning and caring for my Estonia grand piano for over 10 years. As a piano teacher, I depend on my piano being in tune and in excellent working condition so my students and I can do our best work. Boris always makes my piano sound beautiful, and I whole-heartedly appreciate the kind care and attention he gives to me and my business.

-Louis Yungling
Yungling Piano Studio